Welcome to the Centre for International Health web site!

The Centre for International Health of the University of Bologna was created in 2006 within the Department of Medicine and Public Health. The main field of interest is global health, approached through a multidisciplinary framework – grounded in the theory of the social determinants of health – that encompasses the fields of medicine, public health, medical anthropology, social and political sciences, and law.

Consequently, the applied research methodology relies on both quantitative and qualitative approaches. CSI main activities are in the domains of research and training, both in and outside the Faculty of Medicine. The working methodology is as much horizontal and participative as possible, involving students, researchers and professors from different fields.

CSI main goals are:

1) to develop research and training activities in the global health field at a local, national and international level, emphasizing the need for a multidisciplinary approach;

2) to promote the introduction of new subjects and teaching methodologies in the curriculum of medical students, in postgraduate courses and in continuous medical education, related to international and intercultural health;

3) to facilitate students and health professionals to undertake field experiences aimed at researching on the role and impact of the social and cultural determinants of health.